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Just after this picture got nearly 30 “likes” I realized there was a stray bobby pin. So much for notation of details for me!
Just after this picture got nearly 30 “likes” I realized there was a stray bobby pin. So much for notation of details for me!

Staff Writer

Greetings! I’m Rachael, and I’m elated to be writing to you from my home for our lovely little publication.

Sometimes I cannot believe I made it to where I am now. I grew up homeschooled, small-town country life in various states along the Midwest. I grew up uncertain (primarily because of my conservative, modest upbringing) of what I wanted when I grew up. The world to me is still a plethora of possibilities.

I grew up wanting to do all kinds of things from fashion design to culinary arts, but the same theme prevailed – the art of creation.

I have always taken pride in my work. Adding something new to the world was always important to me.

When I attended public high school, I began to write often, because it helped me cope with feeling out of place. I already was writing when I was homeschooled (I was always done with all my work several hours before a normal school day would end, so I didn’t have my friends to talk to right away).

When I started to use the Internet and social networking, I began to find another great satisfaction in being the first person among my friends to know about the latest gossip and news.

It was sad, though, because I did not even think about these things as a possible careers. My goal was to be rich, and I didn’t care how I got to that point. I went to school for business, dropped out, and then worked in a sandwich shop for 8 months. I began to attend school again after seeing an advisor that helped me figure out a better plan, which – not shockingly – ended up being journalism. Lesson: money is not all that it seems.

I left my job to work in a nursing home. While the change was drastic, I couldn’t bare another day crushed between the walls of a prep room or being yelled at by customers with low blood sugar. I love my job, but God has even greater plans for me in the future.

I’m pretty busy because I work 20-30 hours a week, volunteer and spend abnormal amounts of time with my boyfriend of 3.5 years, Matt Bartley, and my best friend, Nicole Hassinger. I’ll probably tell you more about how I want to be a mermaid, but you’ll have to stop me and say hello first!

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