Award season in full swing

Award season has begun at IU South Bend. Applications are now being accepted. Winners will be announced April 21. Photo credit:
Award season has begun at IU South Bend. Applications are now being accepted. Winners will be announced April 21. Photo credit:

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The polls are officially open for students and faculty to cast their votes for this year’s array of awards.

Several outstanding students and staff members will be recognized at the IU South Bend annual awards banquet this year.

The awards consist of student leader of the year, staff or administrator of the year, outstanding senior, student organization of the year, organization advisor of the year and educator of the year.

The IUSB Student Government Association (SGA) organizes this event. Rachel Santos, SGA senator, and Scott Strittmatter, director of student life, are two people that have spent their time making sure this event has a great turn out. Alongside Santos and Strittmatter is a hand-picked committee that is a great deal of help.

“The spring awards have been a great deal of work since the beginning of the semester. The applications have to be revised each year before they are posted,” said Santos. “A committee has been assembled and will meet after spring break to select the winners. The committee consists of two students, three faculty and two staff members.”

The qualifications for the awards are simple. A person, first-of-all, needs to be nominated, but must also have made meaningful and positive contributions to campus life.

“One must simply be nominated,” said Santos. “The applications are posted on the IUSB website as well as on the Titan Life page.”

The awards are a great opportunity for clubs and people to get their names recognized by the rest of the campus.

“It is okay for clubs to nominate themselves for organization of the year, and we encourage it,” said Santos. “This is no time to be modest. There are so many great clubs on campus and all should be recognized.”

The restrictions for the awards are also very limited. The student government tries to give everyone an opportunity to feel as though they can win an award.

“Anyone who is willing to get involved in clubs on campus can obtain recognition at the spring leadership awards,” said Santos. “We do have awards that are particularly for seniors as well as awards that are only for faculty. However no one should feel as though they do not have the opportunity to get nominated.”

Winning these awards will allow people to get their names out on campus as well as out to the community. Clubs are able to get recognition on campus which will allow for greater success in the club’s enrollment and participation.

“These students are winning recognition for all they do on campus. These are the students who are going above and beyond to be leaders and encourage students to get involved,” said Santos. “All students will receive a medal to recognize leadership on the IUSB campus and winners will receive a desk monument engraved with their name and awards.”

Winners of all the awards will be announced on April 21 at the annual awards banquet. Students and faculty will be invited to enjoy refreshments and to have a good time.

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