Titan of the Week: Zach Swartz

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Image providedBy: CHRISTINE AIKEN
Staff Writer

The force is strong in this one. In this case, that statement isn’t referring to anyone by the last name of Skywalker. It is referring to IU South Bend sophomore, Zach Swartz.

Zach’s love of sci-fi and fantasy has had a strong influence on his educational and career plans. He recently declared himself as a theatre major with a concentration in costume technology, thanks to the advice of Professor Justin Amellio.

“I didn’t even know that was an option for me,” Swartz explained.

Zach has been putting his talents to use for the theatre department, including set design for their recent telling of A Christmas Carol. He stated that his work on that show is some of his favorite to date.

The sophomore’s future career plans are to become a set and costume designer for major motion pictures. Even though his primary interest is sci-fi and fantasy, Zach would be happy to work with any type of genre.

“It would be awesome just to say I make cool stuff for a living,” he said.

He said that he will likely explore a career in California or Florida after graduation.

Swartz is also involved in several charitable causes that incorporate his studies and future career plans with helping others. His primary involvement is with the Mandalorian Mercenaries.

This costuming group was formed in 2007 to promote the love of Star Wars and creation of quality costumes. In 2012, the club created the Little Warrior International non-profit charity, which focuses on fulfilling the needs and wishes of sick and underprivileged children.

Zach spoke of his work with the Mercenaries and their charity.

“It’s so great to see the kids’ faces when they see their favorite Star Wars characters walking through the hospital,” he said. “And I get to look awesome while doing it.”

In addition to his work with props and costumes, Swartz has also recently accepted a position as a resident advisor at IUSB. While this is a demanding role that requires him to be on-call 24 hours a day, he has enjoyed the opportunity to partner with the University and assist his fellow students with various needs.

“My job consists of helping with anything from maintenance to planning activities,” he said.

It is safe to say that Zach Swartz loves what he does and has a bright future ahead of him. Perhaps we will see his creations in blockbuster films in a galaxy not so far away.

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