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Dear Titan,

My best friend since I was little wants to move to Washington very soon. I know people move away and start their lives, but he has been there for me since elementary school. He offered for me to come with him, but I have to stay here to graduate. I don’t think I can handle us drifting apart and I don’t know what to do. How should I cope with this?


Dear reader,

Distance can be a very hard adjustment for any relationship. But the good news is it is manageable, especially with the help of today’s technology.

He invited you to come along, which means he has every intention of sharing his new life in Washington with you.

Even though you need to stay here to finish school, there are several ways you can keep in touch until you can be reunited upon graduation.

  1.    Social Media

Texting can certainly get mundane, so fire up Snapchat and start sending funny pictures and short videos so your bestie can feel a part of your day.

Thursday was meant for throwbacks on Instagram, so start searching your camera roll for some classic pictures you and your friend can reminisce on.

Set a time to video chat, even if you don’t have breaking news. Time differences can be a pain, so commit to the times you do set aside to catch up. No one enjoys a game of phone tag.

Share recipes through Pinterest and have dinner together!

Set up a private Google Doc to share thoughts and ideas you can look back on in 10 years.

  1. Snail Mail

Care packages are not only a great surprise, but a great way to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Although social media allow for quick, easy and convenient communication, the thought and time that goes into a physical letter will make anyone feel both special and connected to you.

  1. Book Club

Pick a book for you both to read and catch up on over a video chat at the end of the month. You could even pick a book about a long distance friendship that you both can relate to! Have a future book in mind so you have something to look forward to.

  1. Meet Me Halfway

Schedules can be a pain to work around, and Washington is miles and miles away. Plan a road trip to meet halfway and set out on an adventure. Nothing makes better memories than a trip with your best friend.


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