Here’s the play-by-play for what’s new with our Titans

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By: Kayla Smith

Staff Writer

The heart of Titan Athletics takes place in the constantly bustling Student Activities Center (SAC) and welcomes newly promoted Tom Norris as assistant director of athletics for sports information and facilities. The SAC serves as the home of the sports world of IUSB and holds many recreational areas for students including: an indoor running track, several court areas, a group fitness room, a student café and much more.

Norris previously in charge of sport’s media relations now doubles his tasks with the additional work of being in charge of the scheduling of events that take place in the SAC. Whether athletic events or the scheduling of our different group fitness classes, he works closely with his fellow staff to keep the facility running smoothly.

Tom Norris takes on a new role as assistant director of athletics at IU South Bend.
Tom Norris takes on a new role as assistant director of athletics at IU South Bend.

In the midst of a new academic year already set in motion, Norris discussed his plans for the coming semester and future with Titan Athletics. Last year our athletic events were put online with live streaming and there is now a discussion of adding on a radio play- by- play of the games.

To keep up to date with our fellow Titans and watch the games live, students can visit: Norris stated, “But of course we want the students in the seats!!” Cheering on our Titans is just one way of getting involved in student life.

With the radio broadcasting of the games just taking off this year, the discussions of how this will be started are still in the works. However, if a student wants to become involved with the broadcasting for our Titans the opportunity is certainly there. Norris stated, “as far as student involvement in the play-by-play possibility, it is definitely a possibility to have students involved.”

Recently new rules were set in place by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), requiring there to be at least six varsity sports for the Titans. With this brings about the addition of three new varsity sports. Welcoming to our Titan family is men’s golf head coach, Justin Akers and men’s and women’s cross country head coach, Rob Carrasco.

This addition of golf and cross country will help our athletic department expand and add new student athletes to the roster. An expected 30-40 student athletes could be added. With the varsity sports not beginning until the 15’ /16’ academic year, there are several plans yet to be finished, one including the recruitment of new athletes.

In terms of who can join the sports, the answer is anyone. This will be entirely up to the coaches. Norris stated “With the three new sports not competing until next year, the coaches will be on campus from time-to-time for current students to talk with. If there are any students interested in either sport, they can contact me and I can put them in touch with the coaches.”

To contact Tom Norris you can reach him at the following email: Adding golf and cross country will give students the opportunity to become more involved with student life and will be a great addition to our athletic department.

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