“Falling” for you: Happy Fall Semester!


After one of the strangest weather pattern yielding-summers I can remember, I’d like to say welcome to the fall 2014 semester! Whether you’re a returning student or the freshest of freshmen, I hope you had a great summer and are ready for an even better autumn.

I am introducing a new column focus this semester. In the early days of my column, I hit on large, sweeping social issues and big news announcements with a voice that chose not to always be too serious. In the last semester, I focused more on community and the importance of it, and what it meant for society and social issues. This semester, I would like to re-group and focus on social issues that are facing our community.

Living in or around South Bend right now means you’re experiencing the shift and change in the  culture, even right here on campus, that is happening across the country. A local, cultural Renaissance has grown in the past few years, and it has trickled down to those on  campus, downtown and in the suburbs. Sparking lots of conversation and action, as well as flaring tempers and arguments, the shift in culture shows through on a short walk through downtown South Bend, nearby IU South Bend’s campus and generally just about anywhere around town where people are apt to gather.

This summer has included lots of local musicians having regular shows around the area, art festivals, summer productions, as well as a growing number of events at a local co-op and another Pride Prom.

This semester I’d like to present attitudes, ideas and social issues on the ground in South Bend with a sharper focus on the ties to the community and IU South Bend. Seeing what current or past students and faculty are doing in the community, as well as discussing matters and ideas that affect all of us in South Bend and especially on campus.

As a native from the area, and one who enjoys having her ear to the ground on events in the area, I hope to both bring events and movements to light, while also presenting ideas and perspectives other than your own M.O.

Again, welcome (back!) to IU South Bend! Get ready to have an exciting and thoughtful semester.

By The Preface at IUSB

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