A Musical Accreditation Means Big Things for Raclin


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   After five years of work and renovation by the faculty, the music department received accreditation from the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

   This achievement is the culmination of a process involving an in-depth self-study of the department’s policies and procedures, several clarifying follow-up and progress reports and two campus visits from evaluation teams.

   NASM describes accreditation as “signifying that an institution has successfully demonstrated compliance with the procedures, standards and guidelines of the Association. Integral to this voluntary process is ongoing, regularized self-evaluation and peer review.” The Music Department recognizes the importance of such periodic reviews and by achieving accreditation from NASM, ensures that it’s meeting national standards for music education.

   “We have known for a long time that we are doing good work here in the music department,” Assistant Professor of Music History and Music Department Chair Jeffrey Wright said. “This decision from NASM just provides further evidence of the quality education that we provide our students.”

   With its accreditation, the Music Department joins a group of institutions almost 650 strong that are credited with upholding the highest standards in music education according to Wright.

   “This step for the Department of Music signifies that the Raclin School of the Arts is on track to have all of their programs nationally accredited,” Dean of the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts, Marvin Curtis said. “This is a monumental step in the life of IU South Bend as our music program has been recognized for achieving and maintaining national standards. It is a source of pride for our faculty, staff and students. As dean, I look forward to continuing the process for the rest of our programs.”

   Because this is the department’s first accreditation, it has been granted associate membership for five years. The department will have to craft another self-study in preparation for a campus visit during the 2019-2020 academic year.

   For our students, this means opening doors for them for graduate study,” Curtis said. “They can take pride in knowing that their school is a NASM school. No one can doubt the quality of our programs.”

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