420 Jam Fest helps grow South Bend’s local music scene

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420 Jam FestBy: IZZA JATALA
Staff Writer

Going on its third year, 420 Jam Fest is bigger and better than ever.

That’s according to the music festival’s creator, Vincenzo Carrasco, who will be performing as a drummer for one of the headlining bands, Anival Fausto Band.

420 Jam Fest will be an all-day event at the State Theater starting at noon Saturday, April 19, and continuing late into the evening.

Ryan Taylor, one of the guitarists for the Anival Fausto Band, said that they have more than twice the number of bands this year compared to the last two years.

“420 Jam Fest will feature 10 bands ranging in genres like rock, country, reggae, rap, indie, folk, a Steely Dan tribute band and a DJ,“ Taylor said. “We’ve got a really eclectic scene.”

The music festival will feature the following local and regional bands: Anival Fausto Band, The B.E.A.T., Electric Jug Band, Infinite Buffalo, Jaik Willis, Dena Dena Dena, Babylon Sneakers, La República, The Disposition, and Fried Egg Nebula.

“It’s really about showcasing the best talents in the area and having people understand that you don’t have to go to Chicago to see great bands,” said Carrasco.

Also featured will be a rhythm works session by Carrasco and DJ Chuck Fry, who will be playing sets in between performances.

This year they also have vendors. The event is being sponsored by local businesses and supporters of the music scene, including the State Theater, Glass Roots and Ugly Dog Media, among others.

Taylor said he, Fausto and others in the music scene have been working hard these past few months with organizing this event and are ready to see everything come together on the 19th.

Anival Fausto, lead singer and guitarist for the Anival Fausto Band, said he has been working the downtown music scene for about two years.

“People can expect to see that scene showcased through this full-blown rock show,” Fausto said.

“I used to think ‘Oh, I’ll go and find the music scene,’ but the music scene found me. Why find it when you can create it?” Fausto said.

In addition to having vendors, 420 Jam Fest will also have food, drinks, dancers and a make-your-own tie-dye t-shirt booth.

“We also have the best sound guy and the best light guy in town, laser/light show, fog, etc,” Taylor said.

Taylor said to him this event is all about the music, about the art.

“It’s called 420 Jam Fest, but if you notice on the posters there is no pot leaves or mention of smoking. It’s more about the culture,” he said.

Fausto had similar sentiments saying “the whole 420 thing” moreso relates to a counterculture philosophy displayed through the music.

Presale tickets are on sale now for $15 and will be $20 dollars at the door. You can find out more information about 420 Jam Fest and purchase tickets through their official website, www.southbend420.com.

“This is an attempt to galvanize the music scene that has been taking form in the area for a few years now. Some people believe it can become as prominent in its own way as such places like Portland, but we’re South Bend and we offer something different in our own rite,” Carrasco said.

UPDATE: Doors will open at 11:30 a.m. for the show and Jon Schommer and the Cute Townies have been added to the line-up.

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