IU South Bend affected by ordered cuts for 2014-2015 school year

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In the current American economic situation, budget cuts and scaling back are common topics. One major budget cut will affect not only IU South Bend, but all Indiana public schools of higher learning.

In December 2013, Republican Governor Mike Pence ordered universities to cut their state spending by 2 percent. The cut is a result of a $141 million tax shortfall in the Indiana state budget. Universities aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure as a result of the deficit. State agencies have been asked to reduce spending by 1.5 percent, and the Governor’s office decided to sell an airplane valued at around $2.5 million.

For IU South Bend, Governor Pence’s mandate requires around $400,000 in cuts.

“Fiscal integrity is the foundation of prosperity,” Pence said. “The cost-saving measures we are implementing today will ensure that Indiana remains fiscally sound during these uncertain times.”

Chancellor Terry Allison has acknowledged that the budget cuts place the university in a difficult situation. At a staff meeting earlier this year, Allison told employees, “We’re facing some very tough choices,” according to reporting by The South Bend Tribune.

It’s likely that certain departments and programs will feel the pain of these budget cuts. While no official cuts have been announced, IUSB administration has announced that they’re requesting proposals from outside vendors for management and operation for the campus Child Development Center, which provides daycare services for student parents. Other departments could find themselves in similar funding situations.

The Preface will continue to report on developments in the budget cuts.

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