IUSB unaffected by new IU tobacco policy

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CigaretteBy: NICK WORT
Staff Writer

The IU tobacco policy has been updated for all campuses, but IU South Bend will be largely unaffected.

The new policy, which was updated on Jan. 15, now includes a ban on electronic cigarettes. According to Chief of Police Martin Gersey, IUSB has banned e-cigarettes since 2012.

“We addressed the e-cigarette issue when that first came out, we did that sometime in 2012,” Gersey said.

E-cigarettes produce a water vapor contains nicotine instead of the normal smoke produced by cigarettes. According to Gersey, e-cigarettes were banned at IUSB because of an FDA report that concluded that e-cigarettes contain harmful chemicals.

Though the product is banned, Gersey noted that e-cigarette use has not been much of an issue at IUSB.

“I can’t remember the last violation we had. People are knowledgeable that smoking that and any other type of tobacco is not allowed, so they go to the public sidewalks where they’re supposed to go and we’ve not had any problems,” Gersey said. “Students and other users, whoever they are, are very cooperative in that regard.”

Like normal cigarette use, e-cigarettes are allowed in cars on campus as long as the vapor is contained.

For more information on the IUSB tobacco policy, contact the IUSB campus police at 520-4499

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