Spring Break: A light at the end of the tunnel

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Midterms are upon us, and spring break is on the horizon.

Whether a vacation to Mexico is in the stars or not, it will free up a little time. That time should be used to catch up a little on the vitamin D absorption, or clear some clutter that builds up with the stir-craziness sets in. This winter has been harder than most, and it has highlighted some of the best and worst of the community.

Some of the worst have been the attitudes that some people have copped. Sure it is cold out, and the sun has been elusive with its rays of light for months now.  It takes longer to get places with the roads being unpredictable, making people leave earlier and find themselves in more of a rush.  The bad attitudes are understandable, because at some point or another this winter, we’ve probably all had them. When the snow turns grey, and stays grey, it usually means the majority of us are sick of the cold months.

Whether leaving the city, state or country for spring break, or if just staying here in the stomping grounds of Michiana, there are a few goals to achieve if spring break will be executed correctly:

1) Get more sleep than you’ve had all semester collectively.
2) Work that stale feeling through your veins and get your groove back.
3) Whether through chamomile tea or an adult beverage, find a way to relax with a fine drink that will warm you from the inside out.
4) Reconnect with a friend or three, and remember when you were human before the books ate your brain.
5) Call your (supportive) parents or guardians (or mentor), and let them know you’re soldiering onward (they’ll love to hear that, trust me. Plus it’s generally great to hear how great you’re doing.)

The sanity those will restore will help us all get through the remaining winter days, and power towards the unicorn that is summer at this point.  There will be a thaw, don’t abandon all hope just yet! (But do keep studying for those midterms, just a little bit longer.)

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