University Grill offers waffle bar, breakfast options

A waffle from the University Grill's new breakfast menu.
A waffle from the University Grill’s new breakfast menu. (Preface photo/Mandi Steffey_

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Gone are the days of limited, cold or prepackaged breakfast item selections on campus. Now open from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., the University Grill’s breakfast shift can serve up a hot plate of traditional breakfast food to hungry students and staff.

IU South Bend Dining Services recently posted an online campus bulletin stating that the Grill would now be offering a waffle bar, but many students might not even have known that the campus restaurant was open during breakfast hours.

waffle bar
Students can choose from vanilla or chocolate waffle batter. (Preface photo/Mandi Steffey)

The options offered during breakfast are what one might expect, like eggs, meat and breads. However, almost all the food, besides prepackaged items, is served to order and there are several options to choose from when compared to other dining options available on campus.

The prices are reasonable and well below what comparable food would cost at a diner or restaurant in the area.

One of the newer highlights to the breakfast lineup is the make-your-own waffle bar. There are different batter choices, like vanilla and chocolate. They’re made in a self-serve waffle iron, reminiscent to similar machines that are used in hotel and banquet settings. When used as directed, the waffle (vanilla for this Preface report) comes out hot and cooked perfectly. Though not listed on the menu, the make-your-own waffle, served with syrup, rang up for $3.49.

dat waffle
A waffle from the Grill, in all its glory. (Preface photo/Mandi Steffey)

“The waffles are a hit and breakfast has been picking up in the University Grill.  I feel it was a good move to have the breakfast hours back in the University Grill,” said IUSB Dining Services general manager Ziggy Pairitz.

The menu board that is displayed in the Grill during breakfast hours reads as follows:

Breakfast Plate – $3.49
Scrambled eggs, tater tots,
breakfast meat.

Breakfast Combo Plate – $4.59
Scrambled eggs, tater tots,
breakfast meat, 24 ounce
drink or coffee.

French Toast – $2.49
Two slices.

Side Items – $1.29

Cheese Omelet – $2.49
Made to order.

Omelet with Meat – $3.49
Made to order.

Biscuits & Gravy,
Full Order – $2.79

Biscuits & Gravy,
Half Order – 1.29

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