Facebook page “IUSB Confessions” picks up steam

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Screenshot of the IUSB Confessions page
Screenshot of the IUSB Confessions page

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Since it sprang into existence last year, a Facebook page with a growing popularity has evolved from a nugget of an idea to a full-blown forum for students at IU South Bend to vent and share ideas anonymously. This Facebook page is called IUSB Confessions.

With 368 “likes” on the social media platform, the IUSB Confessions Facebook page has reached many students. The group’s moderator, IUSB student Jessica Williams, said Facebook data shows that some posts have reached over 1,000 people.

Facebook groups with a big reach can make a big impact, but Williams said she started the page to simply create a space for students to speak their minds.

Since its fruition almost a year ago, the page has taken dives and earned spikes in regards to popularity, but as of now, it’s going strong. More students than ever are using the page to post their sometimes serious, yet oftentimes innocent confessions.

Williams said she’s seen every shade.

“I’ve seem submissions that come from a depressed mindset or from someone struggling in classes or with personal issues,” Williams said.

By viewing the page’s average activity, it’s easy to scroll through a variety of posts. The majority of posts that seem to involve personal issues are often flocked with positive comments from fellow students. The comments of encouragement are what make Williams glad she started the page.

“I’m really impressed every day by how students rally together to support each other,” Williams said. “I can’t think of any other forum or community like this at IUSB. People from every club, every major and every background are coming together to interact, give advice and laugh as a group.”

Williams said the page has taken on trends, with topics of popularity in the anonymous posts changing periodically.

“Last semester we had probably a dozen submissions about SGA and this semester we’ve had a few about the ongoing feminist movement,” she said.

With the posts being submitted and posted anonymously, it opens up the possibility of content getting racy, offensive or overzealous. IUSB Confessions has even received a few confessions regarding sexual activities on campus.

“If things are offensive or crude, I don’t post them. Some of the things I have to read would make jaws drop,” she said.

The page has opened up a forum mostly for social issues and things happening on campus, to Williams’s satisfaction.

“If there are some edgier submissions that I believe can spark interesting conversations or are opportunities for education, I’ll post them,” Williams said.

The debates don’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. The page is updated frequently, along with Williams’ other student-oriented page, IUSB Secret Admirers, another page driven by anonymous posts.

Williams said she’s excited to start a discussion on campus and to be able to connect students with a few strokes on the keyboard.

She said it’s helping students become more aware of one another.

“One thing that bothers me about campus, and about society in general, is that people are afraid to compliment each other,” she said. “Students are so nice on the page. They compliment, give support and raise spirits with the click of a button.”

Williams said that she sometimes watches the good-heartedness in action. She watched in anticipation once after someone confessed that he or she was feeling down.

“Of course I instantly found myself attached to the post. I sat and waited for the comments to begin and I was relieved with how much love people were showing,” she said.

Among the confessions good, bad and ugly, Williams said she will continue to run the page because of the potential help it could bring to a person.

“Sometimes people have problems and aren’t sure how to deal with them, but then they express themselves on the page and get help. IUSB is full of people with good hearts that like a laugh. That’s why I continue running the page. I enjoy seeing all the love that comes with it.”

To see what students have been posting, just search “IUSB Confessions” on Facebook. To confess something anonymously, the page has a link to a Google Doc where students can submit their thoughts.

The Preface would like to remind students that while this page may be an outlet for students to vent, IUSB does offer free counseling services for any student who needs help. The Student Counseling Center is in the Administration Building and can be reached at 520-4125.

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