Northside performance hall nearing completion

The new performance hall in Northside Hall is nearing completion. (Photo/Tricia McCann)
The new performance hall in Northside Hall is nearing completion. (Photo/Tricia McCann)

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Drum roll please: The big reveal is almost here for IU South Bend’s new Louise E. Addicott and Yatish J. Joshi Performance Hall.

After nearly a year of remodeling, the hall is nearing its completion and, with just a few more additions, will soon be ready for the public. The date for the opening is Sept. 26, 2014, according to Marvin Curtis, dean of the Ernestine M. Raclin School of the Arts, but recitals for graduating seniors and graduate students will be held there in April.

“The date has moved to accommodate the construction of new bathrooms, a new hallway entrance to Northside and landscaping outside of the hall,” Curtis wrote in an email. “When we open in September it will be a complete package.”

Students, faculty and the community will be able to enjoy the new Northside performance hall nearing completion technology, layout and aesthetics that the hall has to offer.

“Besides the new seats, lighting, lobby, green room and stage, the performance hall will be a state-of the art recording facility,” wrote Curtis. “We will no longer have to go off campus to make recordings of our student and faculty performers. The new hall will be a jewel in the IUSB crown. It will attract many new students who will see this facility as something they want to perform in.”

Siwon Kim, a music student, said that having a nice place to perform means a lot to music students.

“We all are really excited because while the recital hall has been remodeling, we kind of lost our place to perform so we had to reduce our performance hours. Now we can have our recital hall back,” Kim said. “We are all very thankful to the Georgina Joshi Foundation for donating the funds to help us build a new hall for music students.”

The space will also allow IUSB to bring in new performers and accentuate the ability of students on campus.

“The sound and recording system makes this a spectacular space,” wrote Curtis. “The system is called The Constellation and is created by Meyer Sound of California. Through a series of microphones and speakers, we can change the acoustics in the hall from a chamber music setting to a large cathedral. This technology is unique and no other school east of the Mississippi River will have it. It is controlled by an iPad and will be something that makes IUSB unique.”

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