Winter friends are friends forever

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“Nothing burns like the cold.” George R.R. Martin


Ok, it’s not that serious I suppose. But this has been a particularly intense winter.

I’ve actually noticed a lot of people being very helpful to others, and it makes me really happy. It’s been years since I lived in a house and not an apartment complex, so I haven’t really had to deal with shoveling as much as this year.

I have been super pleased to find that, being new in a neighborhood where I’m renting a house with roommates, the neighbors are quick to help out and to help each other.

Being someone who, in years past, has been very good at getting my car hung up in interesting ways, I’ve been lucky to be able to help other people move their vehicles and help un-stick them.

The bitter cold is where I’ve really noticed the change though. People being more willing to help others out, and to check on one another. This is really important to those with older neighbors, friends and family members, and to those who know of those same people that must have to walk to a bus stop, or walk or ride their bicycles to or from work (yes, I’ve seen bicycles out all winter long).

Does it take a little longer to warm your car up? Yes.

Is the extra trip out of your way? Absolutely.

But it also helps a fellow human being stay warm and safe in their commute.

I’m already aware of one person who has been frost-bitten this year in our community, and I’m sure if I know of one, then there are quite a few more. Winter is one of those times of years, especially when it has been as uncharacteristically cold as it has this year, to sort of pull together and help each other out.

Have an older neighbor who’s still pretty stubborn about shoveling their snow? Go over and shovel a path for them from their door to their car one day to help them out.

Live in a part of town where sidewalks are required to be shoveled? Maybe when you go outside, if you’re still bundled up and moving around enough and your back is still okay, then continue onto the next plot to lessen the load for someone else.

Giving people lifts who are going to be walking, letting people borrow an extra set of gloves…it all helps others out.

Winter is also a good time to show kindness to neighbors. We’re all stuck with each other. Why not try to get along a little better? Putting good energy out into the world is never the worst thing one can be doing.

“My old grandmother always used to say, summer friends will melt away like summer snows, but winter friends are friends forever.” – George R. R. Martin

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