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Neil King
Neil King

Hello folks, my name is Neil King and I’m an intern this semester with the IUSB Preface.

I hope that one day I can trick someone into paying me to write, though I would gladly do it for free or maybe even pay that someone depending on the project.

To that end I’m about a year away from completing my major in mass communications with a focus in journalism, and a minor in creative writing. I don’t have a great preference as to what I write, only that I’m allowed to do it and in some way pay my electric bill every month.

I’m a 31-year-old returning student who graduated from Concord High School all the way back in 2001, and it’s always taken me a little longer than some others to nail down what I want.

I manage a bar (21 & over only) in Elkhart called Bowly’s Crystal Bar, I have a wife and a 5-month-old daughter, and am taking my second semester in elementary Japanese. This means that in my free time I can’t accomplish a whole lot. I do however enjoy reading comic books because I can read one in ten minutes, playing old school video game systems such as Atari or Nintendo, and reading my daughter “Lord of the Rings.”

Somewhere in there I also write poetry, play guitar, write short stories, collect comic books and regular books, and go out for biscuits and gravy at Lincoln Way Café about once a week.

Currently I’m building a healthy appreciation for the band Queens of the Stone Age and reading a collection by Flannery O’Connor titled “3 by Flannery O’Connor” (clever title no?) and specifically a story from that collection titled “The Violent Bear it Away.”

I’m also reading various books on grammar and creative writing style.

If you see me out and about on campus feel free to say hey and pick my brain about music, literature, writing, comic books, or sports.

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