Going Greek in the spring


Theta Phi invited interested candidates to paint flower pots for the homeless shelter. (Preface photo/COURTNEY CATANZARITE)

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While the fall semester is the big recruitment semester for Greek organizations, students can still join in the spring.

Students interested in fraternities and sororities are able to go to events involving the one that they are interested in. If the sorority is equally interested they will give the potential new member a bid, which could later lead to being an initiated member.

However the spring semester is a bit different than the fall. It isn’t a formal recruitment, which means that throughout the entire semester, the groups are allowed to take in a certain number of new members at any time to meet their quota.

Theta Phi Alpha just had two events where they were able to meet with some of the potential members and get to know them better.

On Tuesday, Jan. 21, they held an event where interested students could come in and paint flower pots to give to the homeless shelter. On Wednesday, Jan. 22, they had a game night.

Corey Miller, president, said, “This spring we are able to give out seven bids to reach our quota.”

Amanda Collins, president of Alpha Sigma Tau, said that this semester they are able to accept five new members.

Some Greek groups are given a few days in the spring semester to get to know potential new members. Since some of these meetings have already taken place students, can get into contact with the sorority they are interested in and do something else with them to get to know the members better.

Students interested in either a fraternity or sorority at IUSB can contact them:

Alpha Sigma Tau

Delta Sigma Phi

Sigma Gamma Rho

Theta Phi Alpha

Alpha Sigma Phi

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