The Tides win inaugural T-Factor talent show

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Four bands took to the stage in the University Grill on Tuesday, Jan. 14, to fight for a $250 prize and the opportunity to headline a Titan Productions event in April.

Ross Ford hosted the First Annual T-Factor Talent Show and Competition. The competition required bands to have at least one student enrolled at IU South Bend, and gave each band the chance to perform a song for the judges and the crowd.

The event was judged by Titan Productions Staff Member Dakashia Massey, Dean of the School of the Arts Marvin Curtis and Student Government Association President Lee Cohen.

The Tides

The Tides took first place at the T-Factor talent show and competition last week. Pictured above is Seth Umbaugh on lead vocals. (Preface photo: Cecelia Roeder)
The Tides took first place at the T-Factor talent show and competition last week. Pictured above is Seth Umbaugh on lead vocals. (Preface photo: Cecelia Roeder)

As winners of the competition, the five-man band did well among the judges. Their performance was the most interactive, calling fans to stand by the stage near them.

Both Curtis and Cohen gave The Tides a score of 9, applauding their high energy. Massey also appreciated their energy, and said she “had a good time.”


Suare performs. (Preface photo: Cecelia Roeder)
Soirée performs. (Preface photo: Cecelia Roeder)

This trio performed an Adele cover with their own personal twist.

Cohen commented that the band might have been better with a drummer and gave a 7. Curtis disagreed with him, saying that “music is emotion” and that he could feel the pain from the song in the lyrics.

“A drummer isn’t needed,” said Curtis, who gave them a 9.

Massey liked Soirée’s use of cello, and said she found the guitar combination “beautiful,” giving them an 8.

Half Fiction

Half Fiction. (Preface photo: Cecelia Roeder)
Half Fiction. (Preface photo: Cecelia Roeder)

The four-man band wrapped up the contest with a song billed by the band as “a crusader’s journey.”

Massey said she felt the band struck a happy medium. “Your drummer dropped a stick and didn’t miss a beat,” she said, giving them a 9.

Cohen commented that the performance was good, while he felt that “the vocals fell a little short.” He gave the group an 8.

Dean Curtis stated that while “the guitar trio was really good stuff,” he couldn’t hear the vocals as well as he would have liked, giving the group a 7.

A.K.A. Jed

A.K.A. Jed. (Preface photo: Cecelia Roeder)
A.K.A. Jed. (Preface photo: Cecelia Roeder)

The judges had mixed opinions. Dean Curtis commented that he “didn’t understand the lyrics,” yet stated that “the drummer had a great time.” He gave the group a 6.

Cohen commented that while the musicality was good, the song was “difficult to hear,” and gave the group a 6 as well. Massey noted that the transitions were lacking, giving the group a 7.

After all four bands performed, the judges decided that the top three groups were The Tides, Soirée and Half Fiction. The audience then voted for their favorite band by placing a colored paper corresponding to their favorite band.

Ford and the rest of Titan Production quickly tallied the results to find The Tides as the winner.

Titan Productions has several events planned for the upcoming year including Riverfest on April 29. The lineup is still being constructed but will feature The Tide as winners of T-Factor and the a capella group Ball in the House.

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