IU Police Department to introduce Cadet Officer Program

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At the start of the 2014 school year, there may be students on campus en­forcing university policies.

The Indiana University Department is introducing a new IUPD Cadet Officer Program. According to the IUPD Chief of Police Martin Gersey, the program is “an opportunity for students who are focused on a law en­forcement career. They will work as a cadet but in the capacity of a part-time security officer which means no weap­ons and no arrest authority. They are the extra eyes and ears.”

Applicants in the program must be Indiana University South Bend stu­dents and maintain a grade point aver­age of 2.5. The program is not limited to criminal justice majors. All IUSB majors are welcome. A maximum of four students will be accepted into the IUPD cadet program for the 2014 school year.

Graduates of the program will re­ceive accreditation from the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board as well as a certificate from the IU Police Academy. Students do not receive any school credit for participation pro­gram. The application process for the IUPD cadet program is already under­way.

“Once the candidates are selected they will be scheduled to attend the ca­det academy in mid-August,” Gersey said. “This is two weeks of training with one week in IU Bloomington and the other at IUSB. As soon as they are hired as a part-time employee they will be paid—this includes the 2 week ca­det academy training.”

The amount the cadets will be paid has not been disclosed at this time.

“We’re not going to pay a lot but what they’re getting from the program is quite substantial,” Gersey said.

It is unclear whether the program will save the university money. The IUPD is alloted hours for labor.

“The hours required have to be filled by someone whether that’s a se­curity guard or cadet,” Gersey said.

Some students appear to have mixed feelings about fellow students being part of campus police.

IUSB student David Palmer said he doesn’t care for the idea.

“You need to be a little more ma­ture than 18 to 21 year olds are. I don’t know if they are going to wield the authority and gain enough respect to make an impact as actual police offi­cers would do.”

IUSB student Rena Gomez said when it comes to cadets enforcing campus rules, “Unless I think that the rule is valid and it stands for a reason, ‘Who are you to be telling me this?’” When asked if she might apply for position, Gomez said maybe.

According to Gersey, there haven’t been many applicants yet.

For more information visit www.iusb.edu/police.

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