Highlighting Diversity: International Studies Week

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The week of Nov. 18 marked International Studies week at IU South Bend.

“International Studies week is a nation-wide event, where universi­ties all across the country celebrate this week,” said Lisa Zwicker, direc­tor of International Programs.

The week was packed full of events such as an International Scavenger Hunt, an International Children’s Festival and an ISO Thanksgiving dinner.

“We chose to do these events because we wanted to use the week to promote the study abroad pro­gram,” Zwicker said. “We have found that many students don’t know about their study abroad op­tions and having this week right be­fore the holiday allows students the opportunity to talk to their families about going abroad. It’s fresh in their minds.”

This week doesn’t just promote studying abroad; it also helps inter­national students that attend IUSB.

“The ISO Thanksgiving was for the international students that weren’t able to go home for the hol­iday, but all students were welcome to join,” Zwicker said.

In 2014, IUSB offer six different study abroad options varying from a week in Costa Rica to a month in Florence.

“Students have a chance to make new friends and get to know people that they probably would’ve never gotten the chance to know before,” said Zicker. “These trips give stu­dents the chance to grow internally and personally while having fun at the same time.”

To learn more about interna­tional studies at IU South Bend, visit or­tionalprograms.

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