‘Workaholics’ star debuts new show, ‘Adam DeVine’s House Party’

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Adam DeVine is now hosting his own stand-up/sketch comedy show on Comedy Central. Photo/TYLER GOLDEN
Adam DeVine is now hosting his own stand-up/sketch comedy show on Comedy Central. Photo/TYLER GOLDEN

Adam DeVine knows how to throw a party.

Also know as Adam DeMamp in Comedy Central’s slacker sitcom “Workaholics,” the over-the-top comedian known for “getting weird” is starring in his own hybrid stand-up/sitcom show, titled “Adam Devine’s House Party.”

The show is a mix of stand-up comedian performances and sketch comedy that highlights some of DeVine’s favorite up-and coming comedians.

Devine recently took time to speak with colleges across the country, including The Preface, about his new show, partying and acting.

He said he pitched the show to Comedy Central, and they were immediately on board.

“They really left us alone and said ‘Write what you think is the funniest and then we’ll fight standards and practices as hard as we can to get the edgiest, coolest show that you guys are trying to make,’” DeVine said.

He described the eight-episode show as a conglomerate of all the crazy house parties he’s been to.

Here are some more interview highlights:

Q: Could you describe yourself in three words?
A: Bodacious, radical and gnar, if I can only pick three. Yeah, humble wasn’t one of them.

Q: Your comedy style seems like it’s really expressive and animated and over-the-top. Does that come naturally to you or do you have to work on being
that way all the time?
A: No, it comes pretty natural. Every comedian that you see, nobody really puts on too much of a front because then it won’t be funny. You have to be funny how you are as a person. If you try adopt someone else’s style or do something outside of what you can do to be the funniest, it won’t come across as funny, so I think it’s just sort of who I am and I’ve got a big, dumb face that can move in all sorts of weird, different directions, so I think that helps me out.

Q: Do you have any views on medical marijuana?
A: Most people don’t care. Even people that don’t smoke weed are like, ‘Who cares?’ It’s like with anything. As long as you like, aren’t abusing it, then it’s fine. As long as you’re not taking giant bong rips and then blowing them into a baby’s face, feel free to smoke weed. Don’t blow giant bong rips in children’s faces. That’s my one rule.

Q: Do you predict the show to be a super tight butthole?
A: I hope it’s the tightest of the holes, yeah. It might even be different. It might not be even tight butthole, it might be weird butthole. It could be better. It’s a good kind of weird.

“Adam DeVine’s House Party” airs Thursday nights on Comedy Central at 12:30 a.m.

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