The State welcomes back Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Local shadowcast troupe the Hot Patooties will perform Rocky Horror live in South Bend

The South Bend Hot Patooties take their cast photo for their upcoming live performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the State Theatre.
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It’s time to do the time warp again.

South Bend’s Hot Patooties Shadowcast will perform The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the State Theater in South Bend on Friday, Nov. 8.

Members of the Rocky Horror Picture Showshadowcast were in full make-up and costume rehearsing last Tuesday night, Oct. 15.

“Things have been going ‘fantastical,’” said Stephanie Dockery, co-director. “We hit the jackpot with our cast for not only being talented but being very hard working and very dedicated to what they’re doing.”

She and her partner in this production Hannah Tepe, co-director, have been working with the shadowcast since they first formed over the summer.

John Magness, IU South Bend student, is playing the larger-than-life role of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. He says he’s a longtime fan of the cult classic film.

“The best part about playing Frank is that he’s such a large character,” Magness said. “I’m normally reserved and somewhat shy, and playing Frank allows me to put on a crap ton of makeup and costumes and be someone much more confident
than myself.”

Magness said there’s an interactive element involved in the show. During rehearsals, in the scene where Frank makes his first appearance, Magness appeared from the back of the room and strutted down the aisle to center stage.

As a shadowcast they act out each scene of the movie as it airs on the screen behind them. Line by line, every gesture and word is in sync with the movie.

Shouting could be heard from members of the cast off-stage as they read from a list usually called ‘callbacks,’ or witty, funny and random comeback lines said during dialogue pauses.

“Dressing up, shouting and throwing things are all encouraged. You can come dressed as your favorite character
too,” said Andrew Elegante, general manager of the State Theater.

Elegante said they’ll be selling “survival kits” that contain different props to use interactively throughout the show. Items like rice, toilet paper and newspaper may be some of the things audience members find inside.

Dockery said that not only will audiences experience this cult-classic live, they’ll do so inside a unique and historic venue.

“The most exciting part is having the opportunity to use the State Theater in this way. It’s a historical theatre and this is a historical show,” she said.

The State Theater has been actively putting on events since March 2013, often seeking direct input from the community on what events to bring to their venue.

That’s how the idea for Rocky Horror was born.

Dockery said it was a suggestion on Facebook that gained an overwhelming response. Many people wanted to get involved, including a few students from IUSB, other local colleges and even some high schools.

Magness is just one of a few IUSB students involved in the production. Dockery said the rest of the cast comes from all backgrounds, making it a unique mix of misfits. Some are students, others are adult professionals.

“One thing that’s nice about having IUSB students involved in this production is that it helps connect them to the South Bend community,” Dockery said.

“As a student I love being involved in local things and getting to meet all kinds of new people,” Magness said. “More students should immerse themselves in the community. I like that The State is always hosting a variety of fun events and there’s something for everyone.”

Mikey Sult, playing the role of Eddy, said he hopes the event will draw an audience filled with people who have never experienced Rocky Horror live, and he looks forward to helping introduce this wonderfully strange production.

“The music, the actors, it’s just such a cool unique story musical and it’s been so fun playing out the scenes. I like the whole involvement with the audience participation and how everyone comes dressed up throwing props, yelling and letting loose,” Sult said.

The rehearsals came to a close Tuesday night as Magness and the shadowcast acted out the final scenes of the movie, followed by applause from cast, crew and spectators.

“I love being part of this shadowcast because it exemplifies the movies message of ‘Don’t dream it, be it,’” Magness said. “With Rocky Horror, there are no outsiders. Everyone fits in because no one fits in and it’s a very loving and accepting environment.”

To be a part of the madness and fun of Rocky Horror, tickets can be purchased here. To learn more about cast and crew follow them on their official Facebook page titled Rocky Horror South Bend Hot Patooties. To find out more about what’s happening at the State check out their official website.

UPDATE: Online tickets are sold out, some tickets can still be purchased at the door. The next show will be on December 14.


Michael DeLargy – Riff Raff

Gracie Lange – Magenta

John Magness – Frank N Furter

George Dhoore – Rocky Horror

Joel Stockton – Brad

Alessandra Pote – Janet

Sarah Knowlton – Columbia

Marissa McCabe – Criminologist

Brittany Townsley – Dr. Scott

Mikey Sult – Eddie

Geni Riley – Transylvanian

Sara Lowe Transylvanian

Alex Giorgio – Rubin Transylvanian and Frank Understudy

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