Staff Profile: Bridget Johnson

Bridget Johnson   Hello, devoted readers. I’m Bridget Johnson, a senior. For most of my college career I have avoided campus activities at any and all costs. The only thing I was involved in was a trip to D.C. to see the Colbert/Stewart rally. It wasn’t until Ken Klimek recruited me as a social media intern with The Preface that I even dreamed of being on campus on a Friday.

My major is in mass communication, and I have a minor in dance. If a career in communications doesn’t pan out, I want to own a dance studio to teach little kids how to be awesome at doing turns without getting dizzy. Anyway, my current interests are mostly in dance and analyzing film through different cultural lenses.

When I’m not studying various cultures and social issues, I’m usually watching NBC comedies to relax which ends up being a study in culture and social issues regardless of my intentions.

I don’t really know what information would be interesting to read so here is a list of things about me.  I have two cats and a dog- two of those animals are named after TV characters. The dog is named Dr. Bombay, one cat is Khaleesi, and the other cat is named Admiral Diamond Kitty Princess. The vet makes fun of their names every time I make an appointment (and none of the jokes were funny the first time). I am the same height as Prince, have never had cable or dish, like science fiction and feel like this is sounding like a bad OkCupid profile.

If you see me around campus, feel free to say hello.


By The Preface at IUSB

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