Staff Profile: Sarah Ward

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Sarah-Ward-I really hate doing a self-biography because I feel like I’m talking so much about myself and who really cares right? Well, I was asked to do it so here it goes. I have been with The Preface staff for about three years and honestly it is the best job I have had so far. I have been a waitress, bar tender, Certified Nursing Assistant, and a thousand other positions I’m sure we are all familiar with.

I always loved to express myself through writing as my temper often prohibited any kind of civil conversation with anyone. I love any kind of music as long as it touches my soul. I like to read good books, real books with pages and binding. I love zombies, ghosts, UFO’s, and anything paranormal.

I think being different is being unique and accepting yourself, even if the world doesn’t accept you, one should not have to apologize for being themselves. I want to inform the public about important issues that affect their lives without bias or financial incentive to say the opposite of the truth.

The experience I have had at IU South Bend is the most enriching experience I think I will ever have. I have met amazing, interesting, diverse and unique individuals who have impacted my life in a profound way. For those opponents of higher education that proclaim it is not for everyone, I am proud to say you are gravely mistaken. Keep open minds and open hearts because wisdom is a priceless gift.

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