Off-campus student housing project to replace Northside Terrace

The Annex of South Bend will offer housing aimed at IUSB students

A digital rendering of The Annex of South Bend. Photo courtsey of Mecca Companies

A digital rendering of The Annex of South Bend.
Photo courtsey of Mecca Companies

Northside Terrace as it currently stands PREFACE PHOTO/IZZA JATALA

Northside Terrace as it currently stands

Staff Writer

A project for off-campus student housing at the property currently known as Northside Terrace will bring with it major renovations, new amenities and upgrades to the building.

Mecca Companies will be acquiring the property this October and start renovations soon after, according to Kyle Bach, president and CEO of the company.

The Annex of South Bend is what the three green brick, five-story buildings on the corner of 20th and Northside Blvd. will soon be called.

“In the north building, which is the vacant building, the entire first level will serve as common space for the tenants. Within that community space there will be a manager’s office, business center, a tanning salon, a theatre room, a fitness center, and events room with things like a big screen TV and pool table,” Bach said in a phone interview.

Other amenities he mentioned are onsite storage for every unit, indoor and outdoor bike racks, and upgraded security system with cameras and key fob entries.

“When the renovations are complete we will have 66 total units and approximately 132 bedrooms,” Bach said.

He said the first of the renovations will be to the vacant building. Once that’s complete, renovations to the two remaining building will begin.

“We will begin moving people who applied for a lease starting spring semester. The other two buildings will be finished and ready to house tenants by next fall semester,” Bach said.

The company’s website provides lease pricing information that’s per bed rather than by unit, but Bach indicates the prices are still being worked out

“Our rates will start at $499 per bedroom. There will be a combination of one bedroom/ one bathroom units, two bedrooms/two bath units, and three bedrooms/three bath units,” Bach said.

He said this project is specifically going to be marketed to students of IU South Bend but other non-students are welcome to apply for a lease as well.

Bach said they have hired local contractors for this project and expects to create around 80 jobs from the work that needs to be done to buildings. Additionally, he will be hiring a few full-time and part-time positions to run and maintain the buildings.

He said the management and operation of the Annex of South Bend will not be affiliated with IU South Bend, so the rules and regulations will therefore differ from IU South Bend’s River Crossing Student Housing.

Loni Oehlwein, assistant director of housing and residence life at IU South Bend, said the project is a great idea but students should research all housing options available before making a decision.

“As someone that lives in the neighborhood and is friends with a family that lives behind the current building the renovation will be great for all involved to improve the look and safety of that area,” said Oehlwein.

IU South Bend student Mike Moran and former resident of Northside Terrace said he would definitely consider this housing option in the future.

“My biggest issue with Northside Terrace previously was the management and cleanliness of the common areas,” Moran said. “It had a great location and beautiful views and I really look forward to seeing what they can do with the property.”

For more information about the Annex of South Bend visit their website at

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