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Scott Strittmatter, director of student life at IU South Bend, says there’s a club on campus for everybody.

“We have about 115 clubs and organizations registered here on campus. Some students say, ‘Oh there’s nothing to do,’ but I would challenge that,” he said.

Since there are so many different clubs on campus, it might take a little research to find the right fit. Some of the larger groups include the Student Government Association, Titan Productions and several sororities and fraternities.

Though there are many different clubs, there’s one thing student life lacks, according to Strittmatter: Leadership.

“It’s hard for the club leaders to pass down the experiences and knowledge to the younger members because they are always busy,” Strittmatter said. “I would like to help the clubs and organizations build a legacy.”

Students interested in joining a club and can go to and browse through campus organizations.

Those with limited time don’t have to join any clubs to still be involved with student life. Clubs and organizations regularly host campus events throughout the semester.

“That’s the great thing about our students is that they are active, they are involved and they want to be involved” Strittmatter said. “Some students get frustrated because they haven’t found their niche or they haven’t been able to connect and I hope those students come and find me so I can help them connect.”

Even though over 100 clubs are offered at IUSB, it doesn’t mean that there is going to be a club for everyone. That’s why students are able to create their own clubs—the possibilities are nearly endless. Students can get started creating their own club at

Strittmatter is also starting to create a page for students interested in volunteering and community service.

For more information about starting or joining a club, contact or 520-5533

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