Changes coming to Courtside Café

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Courtside cafe in the midst of renovations. Preface photo/NICK WORT

Courtside cafe in the midst of renovations.
Preface photo/NICK WORT

IU South Bend’s Courtside Café will undergo some big changes this semester, according to Ziggy Pairitz, the general manager for Sodexo on campus.

“We are going to be putting in what’s called a Sub Connection, which is Sodexo’s version of a Subway,” Pairitz said. “We’ll be able to make fresh sandwiches as they come around, and we’re going to have a toasting oven so we’ll be able to toast them as well. We’ll be able to make fresh sandwiches for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner.”

The café, which is a part of the Students Activities Center, has been closed for renovation since the beginning of the fall semester. The Café was supposed to be finished by Aug. 22 and opened by the first day off classes, according to Pairitz.

“Unfortunately when we submitted [the documents for renovation] down there something happened.” Pairitz said. “[IU Bloomington] received them but they were untouched for approximately three weeks. Then they realized they needed more information than what we had submitted. So we had to contact an architect again and bring him down on campus to do some measuring.”

Pairitz noted that the delay has been very frustrating for his team as well as students.

The Courtside Café will also receive some decor changes before its reopening. The café will have digital menu boards, new floor tiles and new ceiling tiles.

Pairitz stated that the renovations to the Courtside Cafe are already underway and will continue throughout the month.
“Hopefully we will be able to open the 23rd. If not, then by the first week of October” Pairitz said.

Since the Courtside Café’s focus will be subs, many of the other items that were available there last year will be offered at different locations on campus. The University Grill will also continue to offer subs and wraps as part of its menu, but they will be offered under the brand name Sammy’s Subs.

IU South Bend students generally seemed upset about the Courtside Café not being open.

“I liked Courtside, but the grill is fine too, I guess,” said student Justin Rankert.

“I liked going there. It was nice because it was open late. It was nice to be able to go and grab dinner and stuff,” said Helen Pappas, another student.

More information about food services at IUSB can be found online at

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