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Dear Preface reader,WEB_Melissa

I begin my fourth year at IU South Bend on a note I never imagined hitting, or made an effort to hit: actually being part of a campus organization. Groundbreaking!
My first two years of classes were taken at the Elkhart Center (the closeness to home was fantastic), and before my third year I declared my major in mass communications. At that point I was spending more time on the South Bend campus for classes and studying, but I wasn’t involved with campus activities or my fellow students beyond conversation/study groups. My “horse blinders” were on and my attention was mainly set on the books. Aside from a good GPA I was pretty dormant in the college realm.
Truthfully, it’s a bit terrifying to be in this position after staying somewhat disconnected from the university for so long, but I’m grateful that I won’t leave IUSB without getting more acquainted with the students and faculty, and staying more informed about events, big and small, that affect us. Even more exciting: I get to share that information and connection with you, the reader – even if you only read the headline (busted).
I owe a shout-out to Ken Klimek, adviser for The Preface and professor at IUSB, for helping me realize my potential as a journalist on a new level, and recruiting me to write for the paper as an intern. It’s a small but important step taken!
I guess I should include some quirky random notes about myself … Well, off the top of my head: I still don’t know how to play euchre; I went without a cell phone for about three years starting in 2011 and (gasp!) survived to tell the tale; I’m a slow learner in most respects and have a tendency to drop my common sense at the door (working on that); and at 22 I still don’t fantasize about a particular “dream job.” I also really like semi-colons; hard habit to break.
Best wishes for a productive year at IUSB,
Melissa Seyboldt
(This intro was made possible in part by a large cup of coffee.)

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