Cast for King Lear announced

Lear’s Fool: Daniel Blevins

King of France:  Javon Barnes

Queen of Burgundy: Candace LeBron-Williams

Oswald, steward to Goneril: Jason Lowry

Curan, gentleman of Gloucester’s household: Sofia Zovich

Duke of Cornwall, husband to Regan: Ryan Hafron

Duke of Albany, husband to Goneril: Brad Pontius

Earl of Kent: Marlon Burnley

Earl of Gloucester: Jeremy Weyer

Edgar, son to Gloucester: Thomas Neff

Edmund, bastard son to Gloucester: Tristian Conner

Herald: Angela Flowers

Goneril: Taylor Sears

Regan: Kala Erickson

Cordelia: Jordyn Nutting

Ensemble: Candice LeBron-Williams

Knights attending Lear; officers; captains; messengers;  soldiers; servants; attendants:  Sofia Zovich, Anglea Flowers, Jerry Sailor, Jason Lowry, Javon Barnes

Lear, King of Britain: J. Randall Colborn

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