Minority student clubs

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At IU South bend, there are over 50 student clubs and organizations that students can join. Whatever cultural group you are a part of or want to engage with, you are always welcome to be a part of the fun.

Cultural clubs provide students with the opportunity to socialize with many diverse people. Some clubs focus on speaking a different language, including German, Japanese and Spanish. There is also a Black Student Union and Latino Student Union.

Being a member of a club doesn’t just get you involved, it also engages and encourages you to become part of a culture. They can educate you on different wardrobes, languages, conduct and lifestyles.

At IU South Bend, cultural groups engage annually in food festivals, offering samples of foods from other countries and encouraging socializing.

Those interested in being involved in one of the student clubs should refer to the IU South Bend home page and click on the Student Clubs and Organization link. If there is no contact information provided about a certain club, you may also contact Scott Strittmatter at sstrittm@iusb.edu. Their offices are located in the Student Activities Center, room 201.

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