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The Student Government Association (SGA) is an organization on campus that is made up entirely of students. It controls the allocation of over $600,000 from the student activity fee (SAF) and is the intermediary voice between the student body and the administration.

“Without an organization like the SGA, it would be difficult for students to voice their opinions,” says Hannah Dill, 2012-13 president.

Distributing the SAF and connecting the students to the administration are the two main functions that SGA performs within the campus. But it isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Members of the SGA are often asked to sit on committees that make major changes on campus. These committees can include anything from the parking committee to academic affairs. SGA members represent the larger student body as a whole and help make decisions that affect students across the campus.

The distributing of the SAF is the second major purpose of the SGA. The SGA allocates this funding to departments like the Office of Student Life, Titan Productions, Raclin School of the Arts, the Student Activities Center, The Preface, Undergraduate Journals, the Health and Wellness Center, the Child Development Center, intramural sports, club sports and athletics, according to Dill.

Taking part in this association not only makes an impact on the university as a whole, but also on the individuals that participate in it.

“Being part of the SGA has helped me learn to work with others. It has taught me the value of working on a team to accomplish a shared goal. It has also taught me how to better manage my time,” said Dill.

By being a member of the SGA, a student not only learns valuable professional skills, but also adds a great item to their resume. Many times they are asked to participate in other exclusive activities and honors. For example, Dill was asked to participate in the Search and Screen Committee for the new Chancellor for IU South Bend, and was also asked to speak at the dedication of the new Arts and Education Building and at the 2013 Commencement.

Similar opportunities are available for students who reach out and get involved.

Currently all of the elected positions are filled for the 2013-14 school year, but there are other ways that interested students can get involved. For more information and requirements, visit

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