Finding a place to live off campus

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Preface photo/CECELIA ROEDER
Preface photo/CECELIA ROEDER

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Looking for an apartment can be tedious at best, but for any students out there that need an apartment located off IU South Bend grounds, but still is within walking distance of campus, we have got your back.

Out of the 10 apartments that were checked out, only four made the cut. Considerations included price, distance to and from campus, housing amenities and allowances, like whether or not pets are allowed.

First is Park Jefferson Apartments, located on 3001 E. Jefferson Blvd in South Bend. Reviews found on the internet rate this property at four stars and several comments explain how “quiet and peaceful” the setting is.

For a standard single-bedroom apartment of 681-square-feet, the price ranges between $499-$525, not including a $200 down deposit that’s required before moving in.

The distance from campus is about a mile away. Basic community amenities include a year-round indoor pool, free tanning, a 24-hour fitness center and free Wi-Fi.

The second apartment complex worth noting is the McKinley Woods Apartment and Townhomes located on 399 Pin Oak Circle in Mishawaka. All apartments are the standard one bedroom and one bath, unless you wish to rent a townhome which includes both two or three bedrooms and multiple baths.
For the standard one bedroom apartment at 700-square-feet, rent is $495/month and security deposits vary depending on apartment style, size or if the renter has any pets.

Distance projected to or from campus is about two miles. Amenities include a playground, outdoor swimming pool, laundry facilities and free natural gas for heating, cooking and hot water.

Hickory Village Apartments are located at 4312 Hickory Road in Mishawaka. They have the option of a studio or the standard one bedroom apartments. Differences between the two are structural, and that means the layouts or floor plans vary. The studio apartment is more open and collaborative and the standard one bedroom has clear divisional space for box-like rooms.

The studio apartments are cheaper, coming in at 483-square-feet for $370-$410/month. The standard one bedroom, depending on style choice, is 547-574-square-feet at the cost of $390-$450/month, which again, varies due to style and size.

Location of said Hickory Village Apartments is only 2.2 miles to or from campus and some basic amenities includes a patio/balcony, outdoor pool, picnic areas complete with outdoor grill and high speed internet/cable.

Last is Irish Hills apartments located at 4245 Irish Hills Drive in South Bend. These apartments range in style and can be 544-560 square-feet at a minimum price of $425- $445/month, depending on the style of layout you choose. Amenities include choice of floor plan, outdoor swimming pool and free Wi-Fi.

A reminder that all apartments are listed at a first come, first serve basis. Regulated forms for registration can be found on each apartment’s website.

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