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Quidditch. Dodgeball. Soccer. Basketball.

These are just a few sports that students can get involved in at IU South Bend. The campus offers both intramural and club sports for all levels of athletes and those looking to cheer them on.

If you are looking to become more active and meet new people, intramural sports is a perfect way to have fun and relieve the stress that a new semester may bring.

For more serious athletes, you may consider joining a club sport which is more competitive and plays against other area schools.

“Joining [a club or intramural sport] is a fun way to meet new people and expand your horizons,” said Scott Strittmatter, the director of Student Life. “Studies have shown that students involved around campus have better persistence and retention rates. It is a healthy life choice and can help make you a better student here on campus.”
Strittmatter says that the best thing for students to do is take the initiative to look around and see what sport they might be interested in and do it.
“The most important thing is to be pro-active,” he said.

To join an intramural sport, visit the Titan Sports webpage and under the Intramural Sports tab, create and register for an account on You’ll get updates about upcoming practices and opportunities.

Natalie Tavernier, who helps run IU South Bend intramurals, is enthusiastic about new students looking to join.

“With schedules being only two days a week for three to four weeks it is very do-able for students to get involved and meet new people. They are really fun to watch and be a part of,” she said.

For students looking for more of a commitment and a close group of friends, a club sport may be a better fit. Club sports require fees to be a member, but many clubs hold fundraisers all semester to help raise extra money. This can be a way to make new connections and learn about other events on campus you may not have known existed.

While walking around the Student Activities Center, you can also sign up for group exercise classes like yoga, Zumba and group workouts. Through these networks of friends and teammates going to different events around campus can be much more fun.

“For me, sports were a positive experience,” said student Joshua Olsen. “It taught me discipline along with respect. It taught me how to challenge myself and correct myself as well. Sports helped me be the man I am today,”

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