Women take on the URC with “New Views”

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As this year’s publication of “New Views on Gender” begins to see the final product come together, Editor Wendy E. Davis and the students involved have been excited to present their work on campus this spring.

“‘New Views on Gender’ is a feminist publication from the Women and Gender Studies program,” Davis said. “The journal is a student publication, meaning all the work done to put the journal together is by students and all the work published in the journal is done by students for different classes at IUSB.”

While students have been working hard to create their finished product, their dedication has in turn helped them become a part of the discussion.

“I was bound and determined to get the publication done in time to attend the IU-wide Women and Gender studies conference and the IU South Bend Undergraduate Conference,” Davis said. “I choose a handful of submissions that were being published and asked the authors if they wanted to do a panel for “New Views on Gender” and read or talk about their pieces.”

While many students accompanied Davis last Friday to attend the conference in Bloomington, this year’s Undergraduate Research Conference had only three students from that group that were able to present their work.

“Lori Hicks read her monologue ‘Carrots,’ which is about teaching her daughter about sexual education, Brennan Lennox read a manifesto, ‘Sex-i-festo,’ which talks of needing a better sex education system and Patricia Linner talked about her paper, ‘The Role of Race and Class in the Criminalization of Motherhood,’” Davis said.

To read these pieces along with the many others published in this year’s “New Views on Gender,” you can pick one up in the Women & Gender Studies Resource Room in Wiekamp 2264.

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