Undergraduate Research Conference Presenters and Research Titles

BRANDON J. AITKEN: Sexual Ethics: Sexual Content Is Irrelevant

PATRICIA E. ANDERSON:  Effects of Aesthetics and Clutter on Learning

SAMANTHA BAKER: The History of Whoring

REBECCA BARNES: Do You See What I See? Personality and Color Perception

RACHEL BARRETT: “Alterations and Omissions”: Moll Flanders and Information Anxieties of the Eighteenth Century

BRENDAN BECK: Powers of Decision with Persistent Vegetative State Patients

BRANDY BOHM- “I Never Wanted Anyone to Feel Sorry for Me”

SHARON V. BRINKER- Translation of “Barbara” by Jacques Prévert: A Commentary on World War II

ERIN BRITT- Who Am I? The Role of Obeah and Christianity in Jamaica Kincaid’s Lucy

JUSTIN M. BRYANT- Traduire Baudelaire: Un voyage “dandy” (Translating Baudelaire: A “Dandy” Voyage)

STEPHANIE BURKUS- The Effects of Cognition on Emotion Detection

DEBORAH BURY (on behalf of Urban Community Transitions, LLC, which also includes SANDRA LEAMON, BRYAN PALMER, and BENJAMIN FUTA)- Stepping Forward in Mishawaka

PATRICIA CHESHER- Parent Strategies When Helping Their Bullied Child

ASHLEY COMPTON- Nested PCR Detection of X-Disease in Michigan Fruit Orchards

WENDY E. DAVIS- New Views on Gender

BETHANY DOBSON- Sexual Violence Against Military Women

BRYAN M. DULL- Intrasite Debitage Patterns and Trajectories at Collier Lodge Site (12 PR 36), Porter

BRYAN DULL (with JUSTIN MCCAMMON)- Mindfulness, Flow State, and Interpersonal Belongingness in Ritualized Poi Performance

JOE EGGLESTON- A Martyr By Any Other Name: Discrepant Claims Upon Altruistic Suicide in Wole Soyinka’s Death and the King’s Horseman

JOE EGGLESTON- Perspective on The Wounding of Abelard

HEATHER GIBSON- Female Commodity: Utilizing Female Agency in Moll Flanders

ALYCIA GONDOCS- Woman Defined and Revised: Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda and the Politics of Feminism, Gender, and Maternity in Eighteenth-Century Britain

ERIN MARIE HALL- The Cock and Bull Story: A Poststructuralist Examination of Circumcision, Coitus, and the Construction of Self in Tristram Shandy

AMBER PATRICE HARDCASTLE- Antisemitism in Medieval Europe: A Look at how the Social and Cultural Practices of Medieval Europe Affected Jewish Lives

AMANDA HEIDEMAN- Re-Constructing Transformational Leadership: Political Time and the Obama Presidency

LORI HICKS- “Carrots”

KELLY HJERTQUIST- Cell Phone Use and Predicting Addictive Behaviors

LORRIE HOPPER (on behalf of the group Salus, which also includes SONYA GRAHAM, LISA HOLT, and GEO HONNON METODE)- If Only the Choice Could be…Gluten-Free

MARIA HUBBARD- Either Perfectly Indolent, or Exalted by Romantic Views: Romance Reading in Belinda as an Instigator for Woman’s Choice in Marriage

ANNA HUTCHESON- Solving the problem of childhood poverty in Washington, D.C.

AYDA IFFRAIJ- The Body and Genius: The Morals of a Prostitute

MACKENZIE JARVIS- The Mirthful Wreck of the Poetic Translator: The Difficulties and Rewards of Translating “Allégeance” by René Char
JEAN ELIZABETH JOHNSON- Selective Attention to Aesthetic Responses in Reading and Film

ANDREW KENNEY- The Maximum Product Over Integer Compositions of n

MARK KLEHFOTH- Why Study Black Hole Entropy?

ALLISON LEDEE- The Translation of Humor in Boris Vian’s “La Java Des Bombes Atomiques”

MORGAN LEE- A Whore in Lady’s Clothing: Venice, Courtesans, and Social Stature

BRENNAN LENNOX- Sex-i-festo: Let’s get Wicked

PATRICIA LINNER- The Role of Race and Class in the Criminalization of Motherhood

NICOLE LUDLOW (on behalf of Indiana Citizens Against Gun Violence, which also

includes JON MEIER, CAITLYN SCHROCK, and RUTH TORRES)- Stop the INsanity: Amending Indiana’s Current Gun Control Laws

KEL LUKEN- Defoe and the Prison Landscape: Prison Reform in Early 18th Century Literature

CRISTINA LYNN- Interviews: Family Caregivers and Mild Cognitive Impairment

JOSÉ MAGALLON- Sentiments of Racism: Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda and the Distinctions of Race in the Eighteenth Century England

AMANDA MALONE- Repetition in Literary Translation

JASON MATTHEWS- Major League Baseball Team Salaries and Team Performance

JUSTIN MCCAMMON- DRI to Self-Monitoring to Reduce Self-Stimulatory Behavior in Teenager With Moderate-To-High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder

JACKIE MCDOWELL- Locus of Control Across Settings


ALEXANDRIA MILLAR- T******* S*****: The Significance of Symbols and Reliability of Language

LEXI MILLARD- Off The Radar, On The Margins: The Exclusion of Trans*Female Bodies, Identities, and Lives In Western Subcultures

BRIAN MILLER- Sin to Win: Interpreting Questions of Economy and Morality in Moll Flanders

BRIAN MILLER- “Shiftless Math”

CHRIS MISENER- Steel City Vacancy

LUIS MORALES- St. George Recoil Mass Separator Time of Flight and Position Sensitive Detector

MICHAEL A. MORENO- Girls, Gore and Gears: Gender and Genre in Death Proof

KYLE MUNTZ- Tristram Shandy and the Error of Human Reason

SARAH E. MYERS- Spatial Analysis of Artifact Distribution at Bailly Homestead, Porter County, Indiana

JULIO NAVARRO- Becoming a More Bicycle-Friendly City: Collecting and Projecting Bicycle-Usage Data in South Bend, IN

KAWEME NG’ANDWE- Foreign Policy Success and Public Opinion: the Affects of the Obama Administration’s Foreign Policy Achievements

ERICA OVERTON- Lonely in America

MICHAEL PARTRIDGE and HOLLY CAPARELL- Electrochemical Analysis of Steroid Hormones in Water

KRISTY PATTERSON- Pictorial vs. Live Representations of Eye Contact Between Opposite-Sex Pairs

QUEST PICKENS- Translation of “La Promenade de Picasso” by Jacques Prévert

SARAH A. RATKIEWICZ- Unconscious Intolerance: Automatic Evaluations of Race-Related Stimuli

LOWELL B. RITTER- Effect of Media on Vote Choice

JUSTIN SAMSON- The Link of Religiosity and Peers


NAOMI SHELBY- Current Attitudes on Body Modification

TRACY SHELTON- The Dangerous Minds of Women: Maria Edgeworth’s Belinda and the Problem with a Lady’s Education in the Eighteenth Century

LAMA ROXANNE SIRHAN- Development of a Biosensor for Diagnosis of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus

DOMINIC SOBIERALSKI- Moll Flanders: Slipped through the cracks of the labor force or squeezed her way through?

NICOLE THORNTON- Effects of increased CO2 on growth, survival and reproduction of the invasive snail, Pomacea canaliculata.

MARISSA TOTH-BOWERMAN- “The Cycle of Coupons, Ink, House Cleaning, and School”

LACEY VAN HULLE- A Friendless Society: The Origins of Contrived Relationships

RACHEL WARRELL- NIS Oxidation of Alcohols to Carbonyls

RICQUEA WILKINSON- The Oral Chemical Environment and the Survival Strategies of the Oral Bacterium Bifidobacterium Dentium

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS- The Incomplete Complete: The Importance of What Was Left Unsaid in Tristram Shandy

AIMEE YARDE- Effects of Garlic Mustard on Plant Species Diversity and Soil Fungi

HANSONG ZHANG- Effects of Mindfulness on Depression

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