Award Winners: Undergraduate Research Convention 2013

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Analecta Student Writing Awards winners:


1st Place #9 “Blood and Rain”                                               Erin Britt

2nd Place # 31 “Elusion”                                                        Diane Passero

Hon. Mention # 22 “Fray”                                                      Krista Cox


1st Place #41 “Without Cloud”                                               Joshua Stump

2nd Place  #45 “Alexithymia”                                                 Kristin LaFollette-Samson

Hon. Mention #143 “In a Bed After a Star Burns Out”         Cody Miller


1st Place #176 “Untitled Essay”                                             Joe Eggleston

2nd Place #14 “This Isn’t Your Story”                                    Hannah Cross

Hon. Mention #178 “Life is a Stage”                                     Ahlam Alhallafi


Each year, awards are given for the best conference presentations in the following areas: Creative Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Professional Schools.

The award is supported by the office of Academic Affairs and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Alfred Guillaume. The recognition (and $200 award) may be presented to one student in each category or it may be divided among co-winners.

Creative Arts: Co-winners (split prize)

Justin M. Bryant, “Traduire Baudelaire : Un voyage ‘dandy’” (Translating Baudelaire: A “Dandy” Voyage)

(Faculty mentor: Anne Magnan-Park, English)

Quest Pickens, “Translation of ‘La Promenade de Picasso’ by Jacques Prévert”

(Faculty mentor: Anne Magnan-Park, English)

Humanities: Co-winners (split prize)

Erin Marie Hall, “The Cock and Bull Story: A Poststructuralist Examination of Circumcision, Coitus, and the Construction of Self in Tristram Shandy”

(Faculty mentor: Lee Kahan, English)

Deborah Bury, Sandra Leamon, Bryan Palmer, and Benjamin Futa, “Stepping Forward in Mishawaka”

(Faculty mentor: Smiljka Cubelic, English)

Natural Sciences: Co-winners (split prize)

Nicole Thornton, “Effects of increased CO2 on growth, survival, and reproduction of the invasive snail, Pomacea canaliculata”

(Faculty mentor: Deborah Marr, Biological Sciences)

Ricquea Wilkinson, “The Oral Chemical Environment and the Survival Strategies of the Oral Bacterium Bifidobacterium Dentium”

(Faculty mentor: Yilei Qian, Biological Sciences)

Social Sciences: Single winner

Jackie McDowell, “Locus of Control Across Settings”

(Faculty mentor: Igor Juricevic, Psychology)

Professional Schools: Single winner

Jason Matthews, “Major League Baseball Team Salaries and Team Performance”

(Faculty mentor: Hong Zhuang, Business & Economics)

Women’s and Gender Studies Writing Award

Patricia Linner, “The Role of Race and Class in the Criminalization of Motherhood”

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