Pups in the Park: Dog Walk at River Park

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Dog Walk

Despite rain and snow, dozens of people and their furry companions walked along Mishawaka Avenue on April 13. People walked from shop to shop collecting stamps in their Pet Walk Passports.

Local businesses in the River Park corridor were interested in bringing visitors through their doors with the fun event. Participants had the chance to win a new HD TV and meet business owners.

The event began at the Farmer’s Market. Puppies and full-grown dogs sniffed around while the owners collected their passports.  The passports were to be filled with stamps from participating businesses.

Most businesses had dog treats ready for the pups. The people running the stands were bundled up as the sleet and rain came down. Still, a smile appeared when a dog walked to the table.

When asked what groups were participating, a woman shouted, “Only crazy people.” She gestured to the rain as she shivered and her dog nuzzled a small puppy.

At one stop, a group was supporting pit bull rescue. A group of pit bulls and their owners were gathered around the table.

Great Danes, Border Collies, Terriers, and a variety of other breeds made it to the last business on the walk then turned around to go back.

All in all, the event was successful and participants got a look at the variety of businesses in River Park.

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