Pippin: A review


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Last weekend, IUSB theater students presented Pippin. The box office was required to hang signs warning audience members about the play’s adult content.

At the beginning of the musical, an additional warning about pyrotechnics was given. This play was off to a good start before it began.

The premise was that a troupe of actors was putting on a play about Charlemagne and his son, Pippin. Pippin is on a journey to discover his purpose in life but faces many real-world issues and temptations.

However, this story is a play within a play. The young man who will play Pippin is on his own quest of self-discovery. When he refuses to play the part of Pippin to the Lead Player’s, Marlon Burnley, specifications, the troupe simply seduces another young man with promises of glory.

Leading man, Jess Alexander, played the character of Pippin.  He delivered his character very well with a strong voice and charming mannerisms.

The audience laughed with each skillfully delivered line from every actor. A sing-along portion of one of the songs got the audience involved, too. Dance inspired by the original choreographer, Bob Fosse, was used to allude to the adult content.

A stellar delivery of the musical’s content was complimented by the set, costumes and lighting.

This performance was dark, tongue-in-cheek and ended with a bang in addition to a moral.

Congratulations to all graduating theater majors and those who still have their college careers ahead of them.

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