IU South Bend celebrates Asian heritage

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The Asian-Pacific American Heritage Committee hosted the 14th annual IU South Bend Asian Heritage Month Celebration at the University Grill on Friday, April 12.

The free event opened with a presentation on Asian culture, religion and traditions. Following was a demonstration of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. The tea ceremony was introduced by China in the 16th century and there are still two main schools that teach the art of serving tea: the Omote Senke and Ura Senke.


Chinese dancers at the event wore traditional Kimonos, and children performed the India dance. IUSB students Zachary Hoffer and Shennendoah Hoffer participated in the event as Chinese models.

“What we are wearing now is mostly for special occasions and things like that,” the Hoffers explained.

There were tables set up for origami instruction, information on tourism in Taiwan and a table where attendees could have their names painted in Japanese characters.

“All of its Asian inspired and that includes Indian and Tai, it’s not just Chinese,” said the Hoffers.

The food was provided by the University Grill and Martin’s Supermarket.

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