Staff Profile: Nick Wort

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    PRINT_Nick meet the pressHey everyone! My name is Nicolas Wort (pronounced “Wert,” like what you make when you’re brewing beer, not the gross growth thing that Lemmy from Motörhead has on his face), but I always go by Nick.

This is my second year at IUSB. I’m an English major, a creative writing minor and a staff writer for the Preface. All of those things pretty much mean I spend all my time writing.

When I’m not writing, I like to hang out with friends and relax, your typical human stuff I suppose. I usually spend most days laying around, listening to records and being the coolest person on Earth. I have some really awesome hobbies too, like collecting strange things, playing with Legos, making sad attempts at playing guitar, and going to shows. O yea, I’m a vegetarian too, which really isn’t all that exciting, but it seems to fascinate some people.

After I graduate, I hope to get a job writing somewhere. The ultimate dream would be writing for a magazine, but that might be a bit of a stretch. I gotta keep my dreams alive though!

Well,I think that about concludes this, if you ever see me around campus, come say hi! I’ll be glad to talk to you about pretty much anything.

If you never see me and you want to tell me about how awesome/terrible/semi-okay my articles are, or even if you just want to send me spam, my email is, feel free to email away!

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