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Students running for Student Government Association (SGA) positions may now begin campaigning. There are three students running for SGA president. They are Lee Cohen, Hailey Hennessy and Lowell Ritter. Twenty-four students are running for a senator position while the treasurer, vice president and secretary positions are uncontested.

A website will be set up for online voting where any student can cast their vote on April 16-17 said Lowell Ritter, presidential candidate.

The SGA has by-laws in place that serve as regulation and guidelines for elections. According to the IU South Bend SGA By-Law Regarding Election Rules, “This By-Law is to establish standards on Student Government Association election campaigns. The purpose of this by-law is to establish the guidelines that candidates should follow in order to establish a fair and positive election process. Announcement of candidacy may be made at any time during the academic year. Official Campaigning may begin after spring break.”

The by-laws also explicitly outline promotional locations, materials and debates.

The website where voting will take place will not be active until closer to elections. Once votes are tallied, the newly elected may “officially begin their term of office at 12:01 pm on the Friday, one week after final exam week of the spring semester in which they are elected. Shall officially end their term of office at 12:00 pm on the Friday, one week after final exam week of the Spring semester in which they hold office unless the term of office is reduced by resignation, impeachment or the failure to maintain the qualifications of office,” according to the SGA constitution on their website.

Hannah Dill is the current SGA president but she is not running for another term. She’ll graduate in May and will be attending law school in the fall.

“I had a very positive experience as SGA President. I was able to help the SGA transition between directors of student life as well as improve the connection between the Office of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management,” Dill said in an email. “What I am most proud of was that the budget committee, led by Treasurer Paul Clayton, was able to continue as well as improve the process for allocating the budget set by last year’s SGA.

“As my last project, I am working with the Academic Senate to gauge students concerns about the potential implementation of Friday classes. I am proud of all the hard work and dedication set forth by the 2012-2013 SGA,” said Dill.

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