Marriage equality: There’s something happening here



Marriage equality has been a hot-button topic recently, involving the Supreme Court in the possible overturn of Proposition 8. It has brought out the ugly in both sides of the debate, but it has brought out the love in both sides as well.

Seeing such things as “I may not approve, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you,” and the blanket profile picture solidarity change to the red equal signs to show support for the passing of marriage equality has been a constant in the past week.

It has been interesting to see the reactions to the mass solidarity on social networks like Facebook. Some question its importance and see it as a passing fad. Others see it as a hopeful statement on the change in opinions, and that it’s  become okay to openly support things like gay marriage.

A few years back, most politicians wouldn’t touch the issue with a ten-foot pole. Today, they are forced to take a stand and submit an opinion in one way or another. In President Obama’s election campaign he included gay marriage as something he supported, and carried campaign swag that showed the Pride colors.

Even Bill O’Reilly has come forward saying that the he thinks the states should decide the issue. (When Bill O’Reillychanges his game and gives a tiny bit of support to something a little liberal, you know something big is happening.)

Some fear that the social network profile pictures changed in support of marriage equality cheapens the point. That such an easy statement doesn’t reflect the work and turmoil it has taken, and will take, to possibly pass bills. This is a fair point. It takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears to change hearts and minds, and especially legislation.

I have a soft spot for those who do not support the change, but make a point to not condemn those that do. This says to me “I don’t think the way you do, but I’m willing to love you as a person.” Isn’t that really what it should be about? Acceptance of people. We’re all human, we all have our quirks. What one person is looking for in a relationship isn’t what another seeks. Whether that is indicative of their physical anatomy, their religion, their politics, their goals and dreams, their hobbies and passions…we are all looking for something different. The human race is diverse. Americans are a rowdy, varied bunch. It is one of our best qualities and our deepest downfalls.

Whether you think the profile pictures are silly, the bill is right or wrong, or if religion is relevant to the conversation or not, one thing is strikingly clear: There’s something happening here.

By The Preface at IUSB

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