Cats, cats and more cats

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We all love soaking up culture, but have any of you thought about cat culture?

Cat culture is all around us. People scour the internet everyday for cute videos of cats in bathtubs, cats licking each other and the like. Luckily for me, I don’t have to watch these videos. Cat culture occurs in my house daily.

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m 21 years old and can confidently say that I’m a cat lady. Not a crazy cat lady, but I have two cats of my own.

Their names are Kevin and Cobain. Kevin is the black one—a dark, sleek prince that pretty much rules the roost. He plays fetch, meows constantly and knocks over the trash can on a daily basis. People always ask me why I named him “Kevin,” and to this day I honestly don’t know why I decided to name him that. My other cat, Cobain, has the striped tuxedo coat. She’s more of the mother hen type, follows me around the house and is generally quiet and well-behaved.

The combination between the two of them could probably lead to some viral videos, but to someone who has to deal with these frisky felines every day, it’s not exactly a walk in the park. Cats require a lot of care, and they’re rarely the cute little fluffballs that you see in the YouTube videos. They bite, scratch, and worst of all—poop.

Many people think cats just aren’t worth the care that they require. Many of them (like mine) require special diets and constantly need cleaning up after. My cat Kevin makes a mess out of something every day. On top of cleaning the litterbox, I sometimes have to search my house for items that one of the cats stole and hoarded away somewhere.

Mandi Steffey's cats Kevin and Cobain. Photo courtesy of Mandi Steffey
Mandi Steffey’s cats Kevin and Cobain.
Photo courtesy of Mandi Steffey

They’re a handful, but like I said, I’m a cat lady. There’s a growing group of adults that choose to not have children and just keep pets instead. I could see myself doing that.

If you’ve always been a dog person, give cats a try. There are many reasons why you should do so.


1.) They go to the bathroom by themselves.

2.) They make weird noises.

3.) They double as an electric blanket when they’re on your lap.

4.) You will have something to Instagram besides food.

5.) They don’t get mad when you call them funny names.

Take it from me—The Preface’s cat lady. Get a cat! You won’t regret it… at least until you have to scoop the litterbox.

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