Michiana “Manologues” will highlight local men’s issues through performance

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A new group formed by IU South Bend students will hold its first ever performance on Thursday, April 18. The program, designed as a play of monologues and entitled “The Manologues,” will showcase submissions on topics involving manhood—similar to women’s programs like the “Vagina Monologues” and the local version, “Michiana Monologues.”

Rather than coming from a woman’s perspective, the Manologues will cover coming of age stories, personal experience and other topics related to being a man in today’s society. While these “Monologue” programs have been popular for years, it’s all new to Program President Brandon Rickey.

“Frankly we are just now getting things off the ground,” said Rickey in a Facebook interview. “We have not begun rehearsals yet but should be doing them within the next couple weeks after [spring] break.”

Rickey said that submissions are still being accepted and an increasing amount of submissions have been turned in recently.

According to the Manologues’s website, anyone can submit a “manologue,” whether the submitter would like to perform a monologue or not. Submissions are anonymous. If the submitter does not wish to perform, actors and readers can be provided. The opportunity to just perform the monologues is still open.

Since programs like the “Vagina Monologues” are designed to tell women’s stories, Rickey hopes that this men-centered program will bring light to men’s issues.

“I originally helped to start the Manologues because I felt it was a way for me, as a guy, to express my personal feelings,” said Rickey.

Rickey thinks that there is a stigma involving men and emotions.

“I feel like today we mostly hear about women’s personal stories and so often we forget that men have just as compelling of stories—it’s just that men are too often not open enough about them,” he said.

The Manologues are accepting submissions until March 25. To submit a monologue, email Professor Jamie Smith at jms21@iusb.edu or info@themanalogues.org. For anonymity, the website recommends using an anonymous Yahoo! or Hotmail account. Other information regarding the Manologues can be found at www.themanologues.org.

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