Democracy in action: Student Government discusses club funding at meeting

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The Student Government Association met Friday, Feb. 23, at IU South Bend’s University Grill. The meeting focused on reviewing funding requests for the Psychology Club and the Economics Forum.

The first group to present was the Psychology Club. The club was seeking funding to cover the cost of obtaining the rights to show a movie during a club event. This event would be open to all students and used to help the club raise funds. The group also wanted to gain funding to help sell bears for Camp Millhouse, a camp that focuses on providing a summer retreat to children with physical and mental disabilities.

After discussing what advertisements the group would use and details of how the money would be spent, the SGA passed the motion to fund the clubs events. The club will receive $300 to cover both of these events.

The Economics Forum gave a presentation next, asking for funding to cover the cost of pizza for their first event of the semester. This event would be open to the public, unlike the group’s later events. This first event, which has had around 50 people in attendance in the past, would be used to help the club raise funds and gain new members. The group requested $200 for funding.

The SGA discussed the group’s plans, and pointed out adjustments that needed to be made to the proposal. The funding was then passed, but only for $120, after factoring in the amount of pizza that the group would actually need.

After the two proposals were discussed, the SGA went on to talk about what they have been doing since the last meeting, including a discussion on the groups new budget proposal. This budget will be presented to the administration, and then to the school senate and chancellor next week.

Towards the end of the meeting, the association highlighted the efforts that they have made to create a brochure for students that will contain information on all opportunities for work on campus. The SGA also highlighted the court of appeals case that will be held on campus Feb. 25.

More information on the SGA can be found at The next SGA meeting will be held at1 p.m. on Friday, March 1, in the University Grill.

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