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Communications Lecturer Alec Hosterman chosen by White House to attend live State of the Union social media event


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What does it take to get noticed by the White House administration? Well if you’re Alec Hosterman and you teach a political communications course at IU South Bend, then it’s hard to be overlooked.

Last Tuesday night, Senior Lecturer in Communication Arts Alec Hosterman was in Washington D.C. to witness President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address live.

Hosterman, a senior communications lecturer, applied to the White House Social event with 2000 others, but was one of the lucky 100 chosen to Tweet, Facebook and communicate on other social media platforms during the address.

If you were following him on Twitter beforehand, you were lucky to get the pictures and tweets in real time.

“I mainly used Twitter, but also employed Instagram to send out photos,” said Hosterman.

He was given a tour of the White House that Tuesday morning, and was called back at 7:45 p.m. and taken to the Eisenhower Executive Building, which neighbors to the White House.

“Once in the auditorium, it was really a feeling of excitement among everyone there,” said Hosterman in an email. “We really didn’t know what to expect, totally, but we were just honored to be there and part of the online conversation.”

After the address itself, the audience interacted with panelists from the administration, asking questions about the speech.
“It was also broadcasted live on the internet,” Hosterman said.

He left later in the evening, after audience interaction.

“I think it is so great that he had an opportunity to experience such an historical event live,” said Yuri Obata, assistant professor of communication arts at IU South Bend.

“Watching it on TV is not the same as participating in the live event. It’s also great that he is eager to explore opportunities like this in order to educate and inspire himself as an instructor. And of course, having a person who experiences this event in our department is exciting.”

So what are Hosterman’s plans after this opportunity?

“I’ll definitely apply again in the future! I will just have to save money to do so!” Hosterman said.

Follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/AlecHosterman.

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