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It appears as though two new documentaries will be popping up in theatres and on TV this spring. Two of the biggest names in the music industry today, Snoop Dogg (or Lion, whatever) and Ke$ha, are coming out with documentaries this March and April. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Snoop Dogg’s doc, Reincarnated, will hit select theatres in the middle of March, and according to Rolling Stone, Ke$ha’s new documentary series, Crazy Beautiful Life, will premiere on MTV the next month.

My verdict? I might buckle when it comes to my love of 90s rap and go watch the Snoop documentary, but I will be staying far, far away from MTV when Ke$ha’s new show debuts.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Snoop Dogg’s documentary will chronicle his life from his humble beginnings as a drug slinger and gang banger to now, the reggae dread-donning lifestyle Snoop Lion lives today. Not many people are responsive to his new reggae image, so maybe this will help him out. At least this documentary seems like it will have some substance—there will actually be a story to follow. But what about Ke$ha’s?

Here you go, America.  Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post
Here you go, America.
Photo courtesy of the Huffington Post

First of all, anyone with a dollar sign in their name probably doesn’t have a lot to offer as far as compelling life stories go. According to Rolling Stone, her documentary series will feature footage of her life that’s been shot by her filmmaker brother, Lagan Sebert, over the last two years. It’s supposed to show that she’s “more” than what people hear on the radio and see on TV, which is a drunken, glittery, partied-out mess. The documentary series will show moments from her life, including “attempts to find love.”

Why did MTV sign this deal? Sure, they’ll get ratings the first few episodes until people are annoyed or sick enough to change the channel. Seriously, one of Ke$ha’s lyrics is “I threw up in a closet and I don’t care.” If this is the kind of stuff she writes, can anyone expect more from her new documentary series?

Here’s my prediction: a lot of crying, torn pantyhose and tons of flashing graphics to hold your attention after you realize Ke$ha is everything that’s wrong with the music industry.

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